Anna Veteran
Fliqpy and his mother
Fliqpy Veteran and his mother Anna.
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Second Knives
Third Dirty Fighting
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Fourth Unconventional Warfare
Fifth Seduction Techniques
Sixth Slight Compassion
Anna Veteran is a currently deceased member of The Veteran Clan and the deceased spouse of Daniel Veteran.


Anna was a female soldier who married Daniel Veteran and became the mother-leader of The Veteran Clan in her own time. Until the day Ashley Veteran would be born to take her place as the best female of the clan, Anna was a legendary female of her time.

Up to Daniels DeathEdit

It is believed Anna died in the fires that englufed the Veteran Household around the time Flippy lit the place on fire during the assassination of Daniel and the escape of his siblings.. However this isn't proven. At any point she is probably dead during the events of the sequence world.


Anna was a determined level headed soldier who, when angered, could shout with the voice of a thousand angry suns. She helped Daniel train the Veteran Family in military warfare and other sort of things related to the military life.

Special TraitsEdit

Contrary to popular belief, a lot of the personality traits inherited by the Veteran Siblings are inherited from Anna, as Daniel had not much of a personality.


Anna was critically insane. 

Multiple Personality DisorderEdit

More then you'd realize.

Extreme Sexual LustEdit

Flipqy Veteran inherited this one.

Blood LustEdit

Fliqpy Veteran got this one by default

Sense of DutyEdit

Flippy Veteran and Fliqqy Veteran got this one from her.

Bipolar between Childish and SeriousEdit

Ashley Veteran got this one.