Ashley Veteran
"I like to watch airplanes crash into mountains~" - Ashley
Some attributes
First Stealth
Second Black Magic
Third White Magic
Other attributes
Fourth Shapeshifting
Fifth Stalking
Sixth Obsessing
Ashley Veteran is a insane, go happy joyful spy for The Veteran Clan who caused a major time fuck up, fangirls over a ridiculous amount of people, gave Ashton his powers and may be a deity of her own from her own plane of creation.


Her location varies and is debatable. But several ideas are

London Town, Mason ManorEdit

It's very possible she is spying on Flippy and Desmine's daily life.

Tree TownEdit

She could be in her origin town.

Her Personal IslandEdit

She has this place to herself after all.

Mishaps with timeEdit

Being a deity, it's possible she is the reason for weird time shit. She has the capabilities to do so after all. Within fair bounds. 

Time PowersEdit

She can't control her time powers, rather any time shit that happens on her behalf is an accident she doesn't bother fixing.

Other PowersEdit

Harmless PowersEdit

She has shapeshifting powers, genderbending powers, protection powers, karma affecting powers, and visual powers. Most of her powers are tricks, minor changes, or harmless maneuvers and any combative powers she has are mainly defensive and healing related.

Offensive PowersEdit

She has the ability to fire a fireball out of her hand at people with amazing damage results, but the rate of fire isn't that impressive.  She can also summon minions, mind control weak minded humans, create a being for the purpose of defending her, and create shadow duplicates of any enemy she has as a time stall for a real ally to save her ass.


She is an excellent spy, with being a shapeshifter and having magical abilities. Intelligence just happens to be her thing.


Ashley deleted the trivia section with her MYSTERY POWERS :O