Flippy Veteran
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That soldier
Some attributes
First Drill Sergeant, Command Sgt Major, Leader
Second Firearms Expert
Third Close Quarters Combat Expert
Other attributes
Fourth Above average intelligence
Fifth Speed
Sixth Compassion
Flippy Veteran is a character in HTF, a member of The Veteran Clan, and a main character in the sequence world.


(For the sake of avoiding time consuming typing, much of this will be summarized extremely)

Flippy, trained alongside his siblings by Daniel and Anna, endured hell throughout his childhood and teenhood, until he finally killed his father at his coming of age, he was seen as average and headstrong. For some reason, he was constantly either picked on or flirted with. There was no inbetween. Others either loved him, hated him, or were related to him.

Following Daniel's DeathEdit

After killing his father, he moved on to join the military for the upcoming conflict. A mistake he made but an honest one. He became a sufferer of PTSD. And still lives with it at least 200 years after he gained it.



Flippy is a protagonist to the main story and serves as a primary character.


He sometimes stays neutral during conflict however this is rare.


Whenever he is/will be an antagonist, he typically does it without his friends and family noticing it's actually him. Taking on alternate aliases to fulfill his evil deeds.


Fliqpy, Flipqy, Fliqqy, Daniel VeteranEdit

He hates all of them yet loves them unconditionally. SHIVER.

Ashley VeteranEdit

He cares deeply for her.

Anna VeteranEdit

He loved his mother, although she was nearly as bad as Daniel. She did show a slight side of compassion.

Markus MasonEdit

During Markus Mason's 'new recruit' days, Sergeant Flippy Veteran had trained him. Monitoring him like a hawk and since he didn't have to push hard on Markus, he was more lean with him. Giving him more freedom, but not much. Only because Markus showed very high levels of respect and dicipline.

IMG 20130605 073446

Desmine Mason while snapping at 'Sergeant Flippy' about his troops!

Desmine MasonEdit

Current lover.

Devon MasonEdit

Acknowledges Devon's existence.

Sebastian StoneEdit

Love-Hate one sided feelings.

Sora HashibaEdit

Secret love interest.


Brother in arms

Mouse KaboomEdit

Brother in arms, past love interest

Other RecruitsEdit

Mutual hatred/respect/other

Other CharactersEdit