The Veteran Clan is a powerful mostly unseen family featured in the sequence world.


It serves as a top of the line military force that is trained in a similar way Spartans were in Ancient Greece. From childhood to adulthood. Boys are turned into soldiers with the only intention of being the best the worlds armies have to offer.

Known Living MembersEdit

Flippy VeteranEdit

Serves as a co-leader.
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Flippy Veteran

Fliqpy VeteranEdit

Serves as a Lieutenant.

Flipqy VeteranEdit

Serves as a Lieutenant.


Lieutenant of the clan

Fliqqy VeteranEdit

Serves as a co-leader

Ricky VeteranEdit

Lieutenant of the clan (Deceased)

Jared VeteranEdit

Lieutenant of the clan (deceased)

Ashley VeteranEdit

Intelligence gatherer of the clan, leading female of the clan, shapeshifter, spy

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Flipqy(Presumably somewhat sane)

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Fliqqy with the war lust in his eyes


(Ashley's primary appearance)

The Veteran ArmyEdit

The Veteran Army is a vast, 50,000 soldier strong force which has soldiers wearing green uniforms, but with a vast variety of hair colors. Although 50,000 is the number of active soldiers, it can raise very swiftly through a day-length draft.

"Pulling elite soldiers out of thin air is the clans specialty, and that's what I hate about it. There's no challenge when I have so many teammates."-Fliqpy Veteran